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  • Ecological detergent for motor washing
  • Antibacterial soap for home and hospital use, available in large and pocket size presentations.
  • PONTOS SAS - Antibacterial
    PONTOS SAS - Jabón
  • DOCTOR WASH Anti-bacterial liquid soap with excellent bactericidal action to be used especially by medical personnel, surgeons, dentists, nurses, clinical laboratories that require complete elimination and disinfection of bacterial flora. Available in large and pocket-sized displays.
  • PONTOS SAS - Doctor Wash
  • MOTOR WASH Special detergent for motor washing, taking care of health and ecology
  • PONTOS SAS - Motor Wash


  • Leather apron
  • PONTOS SAS - Delantal
    PONTOS SAS - Leather
    • Leather gloves

    PONTOS SAS - Guantes
    PONTOS SAS - Gloves
  • To complement the provision for the industry, we have fabric, leather and garment products, such as gloves, apron, caps, overall, jerkin, jackets, gaiters and more
  • PONTOS SAS - Pantalón
    PONTOS SAS - Cuero
    PONTOS SAS - Overol
    PONTOS SAS - Chaquetas
    PONTOS SAS - Chalecos
    PONTOS SAS - Tela
    PONTOS SAS - Seguridad


    PONTOS SAS - Uvas
    PONTOS SAS -Variedad
    PONTOS SAS - Pulpa
    PONTOS SAS -Mango
    PONTOS SAS - Jugo fruta
    PONTOS SAS -Frutales
    PONTOS SAS - Canasta
    PONTOS SAS -Frutas
    PONTOS SAS - Feijoa
    PONTOS SAS - Jugos
    We have a wide variety of fruit pulps and whole fruits. Complying with high standards of quality and safety, we have this offer

    • Naranjilla
    • Mango
    • Blackberry
    • Soursop
    • Strawberry
    • Passion fruit
    • Tree tomato
    • Grape
    • Papaya
    • Pink guava
    • Guava pate
    • Lemon
    • orange
    • Tangerin
    All pulps are available in presentations of: 100 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams and 5000 grams